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DANIEL WELLINGTON是一间来自瑞典的公司。 自从2011年第一款腕表问世以来,DANIEL WELLINGTON不断地挑战着整个行业,并以万钧之势红遍全球。DANIEL WELLINGTON的成功与我们对品牌内容的热忱 、专注和创造力密不可分,我们以优质的品牌内容激发消费者生活的灵感,引发全球人们关注生活美学。加入我们,让我们携手联动世界。

Daniel Wellington is a Swedish company. Since selling our first timepiece in 2011, Daniel Wellington has evolved into a global phenomenon who has disrupted an entire industry. Continuously challenging and innovating, Daniel Wellington is an exciting and vibrant brand; striving to enrich the lives of our customers with timeless style. When you join us, you are joining a brand that will give you the guidance and tools to develop and succeed.
Together we engage the world.


除了有竞争力的薪酬福利外,您将会在一个快节奏、快速发展的全球化企业工作,不断尝试令人兴奋的新挑战。我们为公司业务的全面自主运营管理感到自豪,并通过不断地学习、探索,形成我们独特的经营方式。 您将会在一个专业而活跃的团队中通过共同协作,出色完成任务,享受工作的乐趣。

In addition to great benefits, you will get the chance to work in a global fast-paced and rapid-growing environment, constantly provided with new and exciting challenges. We take pride in building everything in-house, are all about constant learning and with that finding our own way of doing business.You will spend your days in collaborative and dynamic offices with a highly skilled team, do great work, and have fun while doing so.